Personal Reviews

"In August 2010 I had the privilege of traveling with Ms. Freeman to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland.   Ms. Freeman not only was featured in the touring cast of Deepchurch Hollow, but also emerged as a point person for marketing and public relations.  She set the standard for professional behavior." - Colleen Reilly, Associate Professor Slippery Rock University

"Persistence. Dedication. Alacrity. Those are the first words that pop into my head whenever I recall my experiences working with Ms. Freeman. I've had the pleasure working with her both as a fellow actor and as her director. As my peer, her energy just makes for a wonderful rehearsal process. Whenever you are in a funk, she brings you up. Whenever you are unfocused, she very skillfully gets you on track. As her director, I knew she would be a charm to work with since she is always the first to be off book, always early and always smiling. One can clearly see her love for her craft shine through at every moment."

                - Andrea Carlin, Actor and Director, New Orleans, LA

"Jackie is conscientious, dedicated and focused.  She takes direction and makes adjustments well.  A joy to work with!"

                 - J. Patrick McNamara, Film Acting Teacher, Creator of "The Craft of Film Acting" DVD


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